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Who is Grahovac Construction?

Grahovac Construction LLC was founded by John Grahovac. Grahovac began building at the age of 14 working as a carpenter's apprentice for a custom home builder in Idaho. At 18, Grahovac relocated to Portland, OR and began framing multi-family structures. At 24 Grahovac moved to Kansas City and began working with a Passive House builder and high-end remodeling company. At 26 Grahovac began working for Build SMART, a startup manufacturing company that produces extremely energy efficient wall panels designed to meet the Passive House Standard, the highest performing building standard in the world, as the company's Production Manager and Field Specialist. Grahovac led the creation of the panel manufacturing process, was a member of the leadership council, represented the company at trade shows and conferences, and trained contractors across the country on installation of the envelope system.

John loves building, but throughout his career he became frustrated with aspects of the industry. He disliked using inferior products and techniques and being ordered to cut corners. The lack of quality customer service in the industry disappointed him. He found it absurd that many contractors classify employees as 1099 subcontractors, operate without a license, lack insurance, and leave employees without worker’s compensation and a heavy tax burden.

At 30, John founded Grahovac Construction LLC to do things the right way. Grahovac Construction LLC is committed to using the best materials, the best techniques, never cutting corners, and providing quality customer service. We are licensed, fully insured, and we classify all employees properly as W-2 employees rather than reducing labor costs illegally by using the 1099 subcontractors classification. The result, Grahovac can hang his hat on the work we do, and so can you.